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Up to the minute tips

Up to the minute tips

The most complete guide to newspaper tips on the web

See what all the major newspapers are tipping and napping every day, every meeting, every race!

Graphs and functionality

Graphs and functionality

The most complete guide to newspaper tips on the web

Use our great functionality to examine the performance of tipsters over different time periods.

Exclusive bookmaker offers

Exclusive bookmaker offers

The most complete guide to newspaper tips on the web

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More than just today's tips

All the days tips from the leading newspapers

At Napchecker we have gathered results data for all the leading newspaper horse racing tipsters going back over 5 years. This will prove a valuable resource for anyone wishing to take their betting a little more seriously and will make it a lot more profitable!

Use our functionality and graphs to see which tipsters are most reliable over the long term and which ones are in form now!

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