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5 Promising Horses for the 2022 Royal Ascot Based on the Grand

After the great swing at the Grand National, it’s time to prepare for the Royal Ascot in June.

Grand National Horses to Keep an Eye On

Now that the excitement of the Grand National has come to a close, bettors are making their marks to prepare for the UK’s next big race: The 2022 Royal Ascot. While June may appear to be a long time coming, many equestrian enthusiasts are already developing plans and predictions for June. Among them include exciting rumours regarding the first mare to break the 71-year bought of losses and sure-fire each-way chances.

In any case, as bettors prepare for the Royal Ascot by studying the most promising horses, it is also advisable for bettors themselves brush up on their own skills. From developing strategies to learning to keep bet records, prepared bettors will take the cake for this year’s Royal Ascot.

Snow Leopardess

The ten-year-old mare and young mother proves to be more than a stunning grey horse. Coming in at odds of 8/1, Snow Leopardess looks to be one of the emerging talents at a track where has already won nine of nineteen races.

Delta Work

After the nine-year-old gelding’s memorable performance at Cheltenham, bettors are taking note of Delta Work’s accelerating skills. With 7 wins out of 16 chases under his belt, he runs neck and neck with Snow Leopardess’ odds at 8/1. Delta Work could be a dicey opponent for the Royal Ascot.

Any Second Now

Any Second Now made his mark back in 2019 when he barreled into first place for the 2019 Kim Muir Handicap Chase at the Cheltenham Festival. Since then, the ten-year-old has run astoundingly, winning a total of 4 out of 20 chases. His odds are currently 10/1.

Escaria Ten

Often compared to Any Second Now in terms of hurdles, Escaria Ten has a lot to give. One of the youngest on the list at eight years old, the Irish gelding has demonstrated spectacular stamina this season. Although he still struggles to measure up to Any Second Now, Escaria Ten will trot off to the Royal Ascot with his 12/1 odds.


The last eight-year-old youngster, Fiddlerontheroof, is on his way to making a name for himself and his trainer Colin Tizzard. While his odds are at 14-1, bettors have taken into account his fine hurdle and chase performances. His most notable wins include the 2021 Colin Parker Memorial Chase and the 2020 Tolworth Novices' Hurdle.

Don’t Rely on Stats Alone

Besides memorising the stats of naps, some bettors develop a financial plan to reinforce the skills required to make intelligent bets. This includes bankroll management, long-term thinking and adjusting conditions to play with a cautious hand.

Bettors that frequently exercise their ability to plan several steps ahead tend to achieve favourable odds in reputable races. A few favourites include chess, go or “weiqui” and poker. By practising these skills, bettors are able to sharpen their capacity to think ahead, make intelligent betting decisions and excel for future races.

Whether it’s practising a mental sport or checking sources to stay on top, the key to making intelligent bets is to always remain consistent. Little by little, bettors can craft their skills, become stronger and make more profitable bets.

Keep a Betting Record

A great way to remain consistent is to keep a record. While it may be meticulous, the payoff is worth it. By being able to document choices, bettors are able to notice patterns they might be making and change them for the better.

Of course, it is not entirely fun to document losses. However, if it allows bettors to develop their skills and make smarter bets with fewer losses and more wins, then perhaps keeping a betting record might be worth the while.

An easier way to get started is to invest in smaller races that don’t present many risks. This allows bettors to take advantage of their learning and better prepare for big-name races with the likes of the Grand National and the Royal Ascot.