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Most famous racehorses in history

As long as humans have worked with horses, they've used them for racing. The earliest recorded horse races go back to the Ancient Egyptians, Syrians, and Greeks. It’s retained its popularity throughout history, partially thanks to the entertainment people have had from betting on it. Just like casino games such as shufflemaster slots, blackjack, and roulette, betting on horse racing is thoroughly regulated in Ireland and the UK, as the goal of the above mentioned is to entertain people in a safe and secure manner. Some of the horses that have made some people very rich (and very poor) are the following:


One of the most famous horses in the UK was the thoroughbred Frankel, foaled on the 11th of February 2008. The horse had an illustrious racing career, running in fourteen races and winning every single one! He won famous events, such as the Queen Anne Stakes, Lockinge Stakes, and Champion Stakes, winning multiple awards along the way. However, his career was as short as it was spectacular, retiring in 2012 after winning the Champion Stakes, just two years after his debut.

Red Rum

A thoroughbred steeplechaser, Red Rum was foaled on the 3rd of May 1965 and was arguably one the best jumpers of all time. The steeplechase is a sport that combines the speed and agility of thoroughbred racing with the thrills and excitement of hurdling. Red Rum was amply blessed with both abilities, overcoming a 30-length deficit to win his first Grand National. He then became the first horse to win three Grand Nationals in 1974 and 1977. Beyond his wins, he managed to win back the hearts and minds of the British public during a great recession, overcoming an incurable disease to become one of the best. He retired in 1978 after a hairline fracture.


Foaled in 1957, the oldest horse on our list is Arkle, an Irish thoroughbred. He was an incredibly successful steeplechase racer, winning multiple Cheltenham Gold Cups and Leopardstown Chases. He became a national and worldwide hero because of his success, and many fans from all corners of the globe wrote to Arkle. When it was revealed that two pints of Guinness were a part of his regular feed, the company gave the yard a free supply for Arkle. He won 27 out of 35 races before retiring in 1966 after a bad injury.


Another horse from the Emerald Isle is Galileo, a thoroughbred racehorse foaled on the 30th of March 1998. Despite only running eight races and winning six, Galileo was among the most popular and sought-after sires when he retired. Some of his on-track achievements include wins at the Ballysax Derby, Epsom Derby, and Irish Derby. He won the leading sire in Great Britain and Ireland award twelve times off the track! After debuting in 2000, he retired in 2001 after a gruelling seven-race season.


Arguably the most famous horse of all time is Secretariat. When a horse has a book and a film made about its career, it’s hard not to put his name on a list like this! Foaled on the 30th of March 1970, Secretariat was a thoroughbred racehorse that won many accolades, including the Triple Crown (Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes) in the same year, 1973. His dominance earned him a lot of fans. He became so popular that Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, and Time magazine all featured him on their covers within the space of a week and a movie about him was released in 2010! He retired after two seasons in 1973.


Horse racing has always been more about the horses than the jockeys riding them, each having their own personality and demeanour. While we've listed a few horses we consider the most famous, there are plenty of other horses, such as Seabiscuit, Affirmed, and Seattle Slew, that are certainly worth a mention.