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Why you should consider Live betting

Over the years, sportsbooks have introduced a brilliant feature for punters who want to immerse themselves in the thrill of a game.

This feature, called In-play betting or Live betting, allows punters to bet on moments that happen in a live game. It has proven to be game-changing as small outcomes such as the next team to score a goal have made bank for many punters.

We have taken an in-depth look at online live betting and are bringing you this article to show you the great benefits of this betting option.

Live betting explained

In the simplest of terms, Live betting or In-play betting refers to bets placed during a game. Bettors who choose this option react to happenings during the game and place bets on possible outcomes. All these outcomes also come with odds which are always changing in response to the trends during the game.

It became increasingly popular during the Covid-19 pandemic period when betting shops were closed and matches had to be played behind closed doors. Before then, however, live betting was popular in many other circles. In the early 1900s, bookmakers would take phone calls during sports events from punters who want to bet on a possible outcome of the event.

The internet and technology gave it a facelift and now, it is now one of the most promoted betting options by various sportsbooks because punters are drawn to the possibility of making a quick buck from actions that take place during games.

Advantages of Live betting

As stated earlier in the article, live betting gives the punter the option to place a bet on a small outcome such as which team scores next or which player gets a booking next. In essence, there are a lot more outcomes to stake on if a punter chooses to go the route of live betting.

Here are the advantages of Live betting.

More wager options for profit maximization

Many options are available for the punter to place bets upon during a live betting event. These options are never available in other betting choices. The odds are also much higher than other betting options because the trends during a game are ever-changing.

Punters who have a high risk appetite enjoy these as they can easily make bank by betting on the right odds during a game. The thrill is also one of the appeals because these wagers are usually only available for a short period during the game.

Live betting allows you to go with the flow
Pre-match betting requires research. Sometimes, the research required may need to span several trends in both betting and fixtures. While this research can be fulfilling, it can also be exhausting for punters to carry out week in, and week out. This research could also be a waste because of the unpredictable nature of football.

Live betting solves this problem by giving the punter the option of monitoring a game as it happens and making wagers based on what they see. Live betting increases the chances of a punter making betting decisions that they will ultimately not regret after the game.

Get around big decisions like injuries or suspensions
Picture this scenario: You choose to place an Over/Under bet on Manchester City, hoping that Erling Haaland and Kevin De Bruyne will work their magic and win the game for the Premier League side to enrich your pockets. But during the game, Haaland is taken out by a strong tackle and has to be substituted out.

This incident during the game has already reduced Manchester City’s chances of scoring as much or as little as you have predicted. The result for you, the punter, is a possible lost bet. But with in-play betting, you can work your way around incidents like this after they occur by wagering on a different outcome.

Opportunity to switch betting positions
Following the example given above, pre-match betting opinions are locked in once the game has started. For example, you could choose to bet on the home team using the Double Chance option. As the game progresses, you realize the momentum is clearly in favor of the away team. Live betting allows you to switch your bets in situations like these.

More avenues to hedge bets
Hedging bets are made even better during live betting. For the uninitiated, hedging bets helps you to legally minimize your risk of losing your stake and increase your chances of winning the bet.

An example of a hedged bet is when you bet on a team to finish somewhere on the league or championship table or to get to the final of the tournament, and then bet on another team who poses a threat to the team you initially bet on to finish higher or win the final.

Hedging bets are usually not available on a per-game basis, but in live betting, you are able to hedge bets. If you pick a team to win and by halftime, they are leading, you could then choose to bet on the other team coming back to a draw based on what you have seen in the game. This way, either option guarantees you some kind of win.