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Races of the Day: Fri 23rd February

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# Silk Horse Tipped by/Napped by
4 DREAM TODAY Toggle Black Book Irish Independent - C Corr, RP Sptlght 5.9-5.5-4.5
3 DAAMBERDIPLOMAT Toggle Black Book 5.6-4.6-4.5
7 COLLECTIVE POWER Toggle Black Book 7-6-6
1 HARRYS BAR Toggle Black Book Irish Times - Harvester, RP Pstdta 7.8-6.5-7
5 DONTSPOILASALE Toggle Black Book 9-7.5-8
6 ROUGH DIAMOND Toggle Black Book 10-8.5-8.5
8 MUSICAL TRIBUTE Toggle Black Book Irish Sun (IRE), RP Rtngs 12-11-10
9 JERED MADDOX Toggle Black Book 16.5-12-12
2 LAUGH A MINUTE Toggle Black Book 21-15-15
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